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Who are we?

At GutLook, we believe new parenting should be a gentle and memorable experience. However, we found out there are hidden culprits that ruin the peace of this early bond. Most parents aren’t aware of these culprits, but as hardcore health & wellness practitioners, we saw it for what it was. And the more evidence we saw that linked these culprits to children’s health, the more we wanted to share it with those who needed it.

Based on our research, many of these issues can be traced back to your child’s gut health. In a nutshell, your child’s gut is full of microorganisms that can affect their mood, weight, immunity, and overall health. This effect can last from childhood all the way to adulthood. So if your child’s gut is unhealthy, this could cause worse health problems in the future.

And this is where GutLook steps in to help.

We provide early childhood gut testing and consultation so that we can help you improve your child’s health from today and well into the future.

Our Mission

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Protect children’s gut health earlier

Get children’s gut health tested within the short window of time to ensure the best results.

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Educate parents about child gut health

Give parents the help they need to protect their child’s gut health today and for a lifetime.

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Lessen the risk of future ailments

Lessen future obesity, asthma, allergies, and other diseases by boosting gut health early in life.

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Improve everything we know about gut health

Discover more ways to use gut health for improving overall quality of life.

Our Vision

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Healthier, happier children

To keep more children out of hospitals, so they can be out making memories with their families.

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Empowered parents

To foster the day when parents see gut health as a vital investment on their child’s future.

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More productive society

We hope to see a healthier, fitter, more productive society, and we’re starting with our children.

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A richer quality of life

To play a part in ensuring a happier, more fulfilling life free of disease and disability.

This early gut test could protect your child for life.

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